Moving Trucks Spotted Outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Residents told Road Closure Will Last 'Several Days'

The outgoing President changed his primary residence from New York City to Palm Beach in 2019, but it remains unclear whether he will reside there permanently.

As President-elect Joe Biden gears up to take the oath on Jan. 20, the outgoing President Donald Trump prepared to leave the White House. On Monday, two large moving trucks were spotted at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, signalling that he will move there after his term at the White House is completed.

Pictures shared on social media showed that the trucks belonged to Virginia-based company JK Moving Services. The vehicles were photographed outside Trump's golf resort in the morning as workers carried boxes inside the property. Apart from this, two choppers — one belonging to the government and the other to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office — were seen hovering above the famed resort.

Trump's relocation

The embattled President changed his primary residence from New York City to Palm Beach in 2019. However, it remained unclear whether he planned to stay there permanently.

Trump will leave about four hours before Biden's inauguration so that he can take one final flight on Air Force One. If the plane lands after Biden is sworn in, it will be designated "Special Air Mission 29000," according to Fox News.

Road Closures at Palm Beach

Law enforcement authorities in Palm Beach informed residents that roads will be closed in the area from Tuesday evening. According to the officials, the road closures will "last several days."

"On Wednesday .... We expect Secret Service to have a final road closure near Mar-a-Lago. The road closure will last several days for safety and security reasons. Beyond this, we do not foresee any future road closures related to the presence of a former President," the authorities said in a letter to Palm Beach residents.

Trump's relocation from Washington D.C. to Palm Beach began last week. The White House staffers were seen loading boxes that reportedly contained the President's possessions, into moving trucks. A Lincoln bust and old newspapers were spotted among the possessions.

Trump, who alleged voter fraud without providing evidence in the final months of his presidency, said he will not attend Biden's swearing-in ceremony. According to CNN senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny, Trump recorded a farewell address from the White House on Monday. The message would likely be released on Tuesday, Zeleny wrote on Twitter.

The President, who is facing an impeachment trial in the Senate, wanted a military parade as a sendoff. However, the Pentagon reportedly denied his request.

Trump's final month of the presidency was marred by the Jan. 6 Capitol violence, which claimed the lives of five people including a police officer. His supporters stormed into the building after the President encouraged them to gather at D.C. to protest the certification of Electoral College votes. Trump, however, denied responsibility for the violence.