Move over Facebook, here comes future body scanner revealing our mood, health and more

Thermal body
Thermal body (Representational picture) Reuters

Till now confined to movies which showed a unique device to scan the human body to gather information about a person but here is a neuroscientist who claims that the next-generation technology has been developed to identify emotions and health condition of a human being.

The human body provides various signals, which can be scanned and analysed by the new technology, including the person's overall health condition. Dolby Labs' chief scientist Poppy Crum has made a presentation on it at the Ted 2018 conference in Vancouver.

By using thermal imaging cameras, heart rate monitors, skin response sensors and 'mind-reading' electroencephalogram (EEG), Professor Crum said that it is possible to see how the human body and mind react when they watch something on the screen. She believes that the days are not so far when technology will be available in the real world.

In his interview with BBC, Crum said humans always like to believe that they have a control over "what someone else knows, sees, understands about our own internal states - our emotions, insecurities, bluffs or trials and tribulations. But technologies can already distinguish a real smile from a fake one."

"The dynamics of our thermal signature give away changes in how hard our brains are working, how engaged or excited we might be in the conversation we are having, and even whether we're reacting to an image of fire as if it were real. We can actually see people giving off heat on their cheeks just looking at a picture of a flame," she further added.

The Stanford University researcher, Crum has told the present audience that how some of these inventions are already fit to be taken out of the lab.

She used carbon dioxide monitors which display fear level in an individual, who attended the conference through a data visualisation process.Explaining it, she mentioned that the tubes connected to a machine "let us measure with high precision the continuous differential concentration of carbon dioxide. It takes about 20 to 30 seconds for the CO2 from your reactions to reach the machine...You can see where some of us jumped as a deep red cloud. It's our collective suspense creating a spike in CO2."

She said that the device you will be carrying in future will know about you more than you do. Since this machine collects a huge amount of data, it is important to start working on the process of how to use such data, before it becomes a violation of privacy.

In view of recent Facebook data leak or Iranian hacking or any other data breach case, the advancement of the technology world has become a nightmare for humans. So, the question is how the conceptual computer system, introduced by Crum will help the humans?

This article was first published on April 14, 2018