Mourad Sebky highlights that entrepreneurs must be in-sync with the market trends to achieve mammoth success

Mourad Sebky

One of the developed nations of the world, UAE might have less population, but when it comes to the wealthiest people in the world; the country boasts to have many rich names. Mourad Sebky is one of the exceptional names in the country. The entrepreneur has had many investments in the real estate sector and is an online trader for years. The best trait of this visionary man is that he understands financial markets before investing in any field.

With having his work started at a tender age, Mr Sebky has always stayed in the race of the latest trends. He says, "A business has a long successful run if it stays up to date with the latest happenings in the market. For that matter, I keep myself updated with all the innovation happening over the internet." In this digital age, Mourad Sebky has learnt the fundamentals of social media, and his fanbase on Instagram is legit proof of it. With followers of more than a million, Sebky is living an influential life by taking his fans one step closer to his posh lifestyle.

Much before investing and trading happened, Mourad did a corporate job. His side hustles helped him in becoming an independent entrepreneur and an ultimate bossman. Today Mourad holds immense knowledge about real estate, finance, trading, digital marketing and social media. The multi-faceted personality has gained knowledge about multiple professions, and that's what defines his prowess as a versatile man.

Based in Abu-Dhabi, Mourad owns all the luxuries in life that once seemed to be a dream. Right from having a lavish home to owning luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini, this talented man has achieved it all. His net worth that goes beyond millions can be attributed to the investments he made in the last few years. The self-made entrepreneur is also a philanthropist who has built two schools in 2018 to educate the children. Contributing the maximum from his side, Mourad Sebky is indeed a role model for all the aspiring business minds in the world.