Motorcycle thief arrested in Bedok: Follow these tips to secure your vehicle

The 31-year-old man was arrested for stealing motorcycle from Bedok multi-storeyed car park

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The police, on Friday, October 27, arrested a 31-year-old man on charges of stealing a motorcycle from Bedok multi-storeyed car park. The culprit was produced in the court on Saturday. If found guilty, he could face seven years of imprisonment with a fine.

Details of the incident

The Police received a motorcycle theft complaint on October 20, 2017. According to the person who made the complaint, his motorcycle went missing from a multi-storeyed car park, Bedok.

After a week of investigation, law authorities finally arrested the culprit from Bedok North Street 3. As of now, Police have kept the identity of the culprit under the wraps.

How to safeguard your motorcycle from theft?

Vehicle thefts especially motorcycle thefts are increasing in Singapore. Motorcycle owners can follow the tips mentioned below to effectively protect their vehicles from getting stolen.

  • Always lock your motorcycles while you are leaving it on the parking area
  • It is always recommended to use additional locks such as disc brake locks for better protection
  • Installing anti-theft alarm is very much effective to protect your vehicles from getting stolen
  • Whenever you are leaving your motorcycle unattended, always make sure that you are removing the ignition key
  • Even if the vehicle is locked, never keep your valuable things like mobile phones or wallets in your motorcycle's seat cover
  • Always leave your motorcycles on credible parking areas
  • Never ever park your motorcycle in areas with fewer people presence
  • It is recommended to cover your motorcycle with canvas, securing both the front and rear
  • If you find your motorcycle missing, inform the nearest police station with immediate effects