Motocross Chamption Jack Pullen Is Revolutionizing The Motocrossing World


Motocrossing - a sport that requires a lot of commitment, discipline, and endurance. Jack has all these three qualities, even though he is only 14 years old. Jack grew up in South Africa with his family. His father introduced him to racing for the first time. He already fell in love with the sounds of the vehicles and the challenging roads at a young age.

He knew from the beginning that it would not be easy, but he was willing to give everything to make his dream come true. While other kids his age spent their time in the movies or watching TV, Jack fully committed to his dream. He still works out 5 to 6 times a week. For him it is now nothing unusual to train for 3 hours straight. In addition to his motocross training, he also goes to the gym to support his endurance and strength.

And don't forget that Jack is still in school like any other kid. Racing, therefore, takes up most of his life. Already 4 years ago Jack was allowed to take part in the regional championships in Africa. There he represented his native country South Africa for the first time as a rider. In the following years, more regional and national events followed in Africa, where the motocross youngster won several awards.

Last year he took part in an event in Florida for the first time. He was prepared for the event by his coach Tyla in the USA. Tylar Rattray is also one of Jack's greatest role models. Tylar is the world champion in motocrossing and knows what it's all about when you're on the road.

From him, Jack also learned to get out of his comfort zone. He knew that sooner or later he would have to face a challenge in his career. This came earlier than expected for the 14-year-old. Last year Jack was very badly injured during a training session. So much so that he was air lifted and had an emergency opporation at Arnold Palmer Hospital.

But Jack never lost his inner strength! He was able to recover quickly after the accident. Only one month later he was able to start training again. His aim is to continue his career in the US. He wants to move to Florida and dedicate himself full time to the motocross racing world.

This year he wants to participate in the US MX season in 65cc and 85cc categories. He is already preparing for this with several hours of training. Since his school- classes are currently online, he also has more time for his training.

But not only in the motocross racing world, Jack is for his age an absolute highflyer. The junior motocross champion also performs on social media. More than 39 thousand people from all over the world follow him on Instagram. On Facebook, the motocross-youngster has more than 9 thousand active followers. We expect to see Jack on many international stages in the upcoming months.