Mother saves toddler by sticking up her finger inside a crocodile's nose in Africa

The crocodiles in the river can grow up to 20 feet

A mother from Zimbabwe saved her child from a crocodile this week by sticking her finger up the deadly reptile's nose last week. Her child was being dragged away when the mother decided to jam her fingers into the animal's nose to save the child from its mouth.

Maurina Musisinyana, 30, was with her two children near the River Runde. She went fishing in the river when she heard a scream from close by. Her children who were under an umbrella was now screaming for help as one of the children were being dragged away by a crocodile.

The woman said that she jumped on top of the animal and jammed her fingers into the animal's nose. She was injured during the incident, say reports. Her son Gideon was taken to the hospital nearby and has since recovered from the horrific incident.

A method taught by the elders

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The woman said that she had heard about the method from the elders in her community. According to Mirror, the action led to the crocodile loosening the grip on the child. Musisinyana is from Chihosi village in Zimbabwe.

"If you ­suffocate a crocodile from its nose, it loses its strength and that is exactly what I did. I used my other arm to free my baby's head from its jaws. Even to this day, I still do not believe I rescued my son," told the mother to the paper. The boy was rushed to the hospital near Gonarezhou National Park. He had suffered facial injuries and severe bleeding due to the incident. The injuries had led the little boy to suffer breathing issues.

Crocodiles usually breathe through its mouth but while catching its prey from the water they tend to use their nose. In the Runde river, there are several Nile crocodiles. The crocodiles can grow up to 20 feet long and according to statistics attack around 200 people each year.