Mother doesn't want to have a baby ever again after the nightmare that she went through

The 27-year-old woman said that she doesn't want to have a baby ever again after the nightmare that she went through.

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A 27-year-old woman named Jodie Marsden, recently revealed that she felt 'everything' during her caesarean section, as her epidural wore off midway through. She was able to feel the jiggling, clamp, suction, and shoving inside her. The 27-year-old woman mentioned that she was in so much pain that she could hardly even whisper.

As reported by the Mirror, Jodie from Wakefield said: "I could feel them juggling about inside my stomach - one person was shoving down on the top of my stomach whilst another was pulling the baby out. It was agony. I could feel the clamp inside me and the suction going around and I was really struggling to breathe."

The doctors gave her an epidural - an anaesthetic around the spinal cord – before starting with the caesarean section but it soon wore off and she started feeling the pain. "The whole experience was absolutely terrifying and I am totally traumatised from the birth," she explained. "I could feel them actually pulling my stomach apart as they were ripping the muscles and I was in extreme pain."

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Marsden also said that she felt like screaming in pain but it came out only as a whisper, luckily they realised that she was in real pain. So, they gave her more medication to try to keep the pain under control but it did not help. The experience has been so traumatising for her that the 27-year-old woman decided not to have a baby ever again.

After her baby, Arthur was born her blood pressure rose dangerously and doctors had to put her under general anaesthesia, fearing that she might suffer a stroke or heart attack. "When they finally pulled Arthur out, all I remember was hearing this little scream which suddenly stopped," Jodie said, "I can't remember seeing him, and I turned to Matt and repeatedly asked him 'Where is my baby?'

"Then it was like an out of body experience, I could hear things but it was like I was just watching from above," she added. "I could hear them saying they needed to get the bleeding under control, and then the anaesthetist said, 'We're going to have to send you to sleep." She recalls the entire experience as a "nightmare" and says that though she loves her baby and enjoys being a mum, the 27-year-old doesn't want to go through that all over again.

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