Mother claims her baby's seat caught fire from safety mirror; warns of possible danger

Burned seat
Burned seat Facebook/ Amanda Kenny DeAngelis facebook account

A mother of an infant from Texas has shared a post on Facebook warning others about the danger of car seats catching fire from mirror due to the reflection of sunlight.

Amanda Kenny DeAngelis, mother of an infant daughter Mila experienced a bizarre incident where she had smelled smoke coming from the back seat of her car and when she tried to hold her baby from the back seat of her car, she was shocked to see that the smell was actually coming from the back seat where her daughter was placed.

When she further looked into the matter, she found out that the smoke was caused by the reflection of the sunlight coming from the baby safety mirror.(This mirror is usually used by mothers to check out their baby and especially toddlers for their safety while the guardian drives).

DeAngelis also clarified in her post that she had used car seats with mirrors with her other kids as well but something like this has never happened.

DeAngelis said she contacted the manufacturing companies Britax seat and Eddie Bauer mirror regarding the dangerous incident in her Facebook post which was posted on January 24.

She further says she's thankful as she had retrieved her child on time before any further danger.

DeAngelis also included videos of the seat where her baby was placed which had literally caught smoke making a hole in the fabric.

The mother received both negative and positive comments for her post.

Some genuinely paid heed to her warning while some accused her of publicity to get attention and some criticised her for being irresponsible as a mother.

On January she updated her post once again and wrote," I'm not placing blame or trying to start arguments...just trying to make other informed this is a possibility. Never did it occur to me it would reflect and happen so quickly. Do with this information what you will just don't judge!"

She further wrote that the companies have not responded yet but she will still keep trying to reach them.