Mother Arrested for Letting 4-year-old Daughter Get Infested with Head Lice that She Could Barely Walk

Shyanne Nicole Singh, the mother of a beautiful 4-year-old daughter, was arrested by the Indianapolis police department for allowing her daughter to get infested with head lice and neglecting the baby's cries while she reached out to her for help to get rid of the itchy lice that was troubling her.

The lice grew in such large numbers that it sucked out the oxygen from the little girl's blood and she almost lost her life due to it as her levels of hemoglobin. The oxygen-carrying proteins in the red blood cells drastically dropped to 1.7 grams per deciliter when the normal level is 12 grams.

Shyanne Nicole Singh head lice daughters
Facebook / Shyanne Nicole Singh

The lice formation was so intense that the girl could barely walk and hospital staff declared her ''near fatality'' while she arrived and needed four blood transfusions to keep her alive.

The girl's sister, who is two years elder, was also found to be infested with lice, but her hemoglobin levels were not as low as her younger sibling. Reports state that the little girl's pre-school informed the police about their condition and the cops quickly entered their home only to find the girls in desperate situation. The girl's grandmother had also tipped off the police at the same time.

The local newspaper Herald Leader quoted a police officer who addressed the situation saying ''it was the worst infestation'' he had ever seen and the 26-year-old mother ''was just too lazy to help comb them out and it would start all over again.''

The girl's grandmother was first alarmed when she took pictures of the girl's head and showed it to a nearby pharmacist who confirmed that the lice infection is serious and might turn fatal if not treated quickly. That is when she dialed 911 for help.

Singh has been charged with several counts of neglect, including neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury. She was held at the Scott County Detention Center but is now reported that she has been released on bail or bond and would appear in court in the coming week.

The Department of Child Services have removed the girls from their mother's custody and have placed them in the custody of their grandmother and are offering regular help for the well-being of the children.