Mostafa Gorji is changing the crypto industry with Crypto Desk

Mostafa Gorji

Cryptocurrency is changing the world and it is evolving into a digital era. The evolution of new technologies, financial innovations, and the dramatic evolution of digital currencies is transforming the way we use money. Cryptocurrency is defined as any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. There are several entrepreneurs in the crypto market who face multiple risks while investing in cryptocurrencies. Only a few succeed and one of them is Mostafa Gorji, COO of Crypto Desk. Using extensive investment skills and employing various AI trading technologies, letting his venture maintain a successful investing operation for many years, Mostafa Gorji became a well-known cryptocurrency investor.

With experience in the stock, FX, and real estate industries, Mostafa was one of the earliest investors in cryptocurrencies in the Middle East. In 2013, he gained success and fame due to his early investment in Bitcoin. Before joining Crypto Desk, Mostafa served as the fund manager at ME Capital Hedge Fund, where he was successful in diversifying the company's funds among various asset classes. He also used a variety of AI trading technologies to ensure the company's long-term financial success. According to Mostafa, the process of investing takes extensive research and analysis. Also, it's crucial to realize that choosing a good cryptocurrency is different from choosing a good stock.

The COO and the Managing Partner at Crypto Desk, Mostafa Gorji, has led the platform to become the most successful over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading firm in the region. He joined Crypto Desk in 2018 as an investor and managing partner and helped the company grow its clientele by introducing them to his valuable network of financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals. In addition, he established the broker rebate commission structure, which helped the organization forge working connections with over 300 brokers who are now actively participating in its commercial development objectives. As a result, the company was able to increase its revenue and solidify its position as a reliable B2B service provider.

Mostafa has consistently demonstrated his knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrency investing specially on his social media account. He encourages the adoption of blockchain technology in the modern-day financial world.

The kind of massive changes and developments the world has noticed over the years has been a result of various factors. One includes the constant advent of technology, and the other essential reason is the relentless drive and passion of a few individuals and professionals, who worked a day in and day out to make sure they catered to their target demographic, offering newness to them and something that can add value into their lives through their platforms, brands, and businesses. The digital financial industry is one that so far has seen the rise of so many such successful businesses, among which, under the leadership of COO Mostafa Gorji, Crypto Desk has been increasingly making a lot of buzz. Thanks to Gorji's vision Crypto Desk today stands as one of the top-notch licensed platforms for buying, selling, and trading 500+ cryptocurrencies helping in building the crypto economy in the UAE.