The Most Dependable Advisor for the New Chinese Immigrants in the U.S: Captain An

Captain An

At the beginning of 2020, a team of professionals who understands the needs of the immigration community took the lead in forming Captain An. Based on the experience of more than 10 years working with local lawyers and professionals in various fields, Captain An provides one-on-one customized consulting services from the intent stage to the solution of problems and disputes to avoid risks and optimize immigrants' choices as much as possible.

What made Captain An successfully draw the attention of the industry and the recognition of Chinese Americans in such a period of time? Due to the lack of previous experience, international students and new immigrants are unfamiliar with social rules, and they always find it difficult to contact the suitable person to explain and further solve the issues that are seemingly small but can potentially cause big problems. Captain An that's committed to providing students and immigrants in the U.S. with the affordable support and useful resource that they need is composed of elites who have been living in the U.S. for many years. With strong backgrounds in legal, financial, art and technology industries, Captain An has won the trust and favor of many clients with their senior industry experience and attentive service attitude.

Choosing Captain An is particularly necessary for those preparing to come to or have already arrived in the U.S. For new immigrants with visas and millions of questions for settling down, for individuals investing in business and properties with or without conflicts, for parents concerned about child safety and trust and estate planning, academic and career planning, Captain An is sourcing the best counselors to hear struggles, answer questions, and discuss solutions together. In the past years, we have assisted hundreds of people, spent thousands of minutes understanding their thoughts and problems, and have been acknowledged by Ivy league youths and top corporation professionals from all over the States.

Everyone that's new to the U.S. has blind spots in different fields from security hazards to individual or business disputes as well as status maintenance in visa or labor, which can be overall overwhelming. It is then crucial to have a team of reliable and experienced advisors stand by all year round. And that's why Captain An was established - to offer fact collecting and smooth communication among individuals and their families, legal practitioners, and other professionals, to avoid the dilemma of having no-one-to-turn- to on mishandling legal issues and potential hidden concerns, ensuring the normal function of immigrants' life in the U.S.

The emergence of Captain An is undoubtedly a blessing to all immigrants. The team focuses on the breaking-through over information, cultural and communication barriers, creating a perfect user experience of effective communication and efficient resolution with customized one-on-one matching and consulting services. It is believed that with the soon-to-released AI tools especially designed for immigrants with visa needs, Captain An will soon become a leader in this industry.