Most common iPhone X issues and how to solve them

Some common and more popular iPhone X issues include the green line on the display, screen burn-in and crackling noise in speakers.

iphone x issues
An attendee checks out a new iPhone X during an Apple launch event in Cupertino, California, US September 12, 2017 (Stephen Lam/Reuters)

Since the iPhone X was released to the public, users have already encountered a bunch of problems concerning the device. Some common and more popular issues they face include the green line on the display, screen burn-in and crackling noise in speakers.

Screen burn-in

Apple admitted that screen 'burn-in' or 'image persistence' on the iPhone X could occur more frequently. Burn-in happens when a static image, an app, for example, leaves a mark on the screen because it is left on for too long. Based on the number of complainants who have come forward to report this incident, OLED displays seem to be more inclined to such incident.

In an official statement, Apple recommends using auto-brightness to automatically adjust the brightness of displays on the ambient light in one's location. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

In addition, Apple suggests to automatically lock down the phone when not in use. To do this, go to Settings > Displays & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Set display to shut down after 30 or 60 seconds of inactivity.

Finally, avoid displaying static images at maximum brightness for long periods of time. There are apps that do this even without actively using the device. You can temporarily decrease the brightness level right on Control Centre.

Crackling noise

Some hardware products have crackling noise in speakers when at a high volume. Although the problem occurs only in a small number of iPhone X only, it could mean something since a similar problem occurred to the iPhone 8, which was patched through an update. For now, the best way to treat this problem is to turn up the volume up to mid-level only.

Green line on screen

Apple is currently investigating into the green line that appears on some iPhone X. Affected devices have also been replaced while the investigation results are not yet released.

Earlier in the week, some users reported that green line had appeared on the either left or right side of the screen. This is a similar case of the Galaxy S7, prompting reports that this could be a hardware problem caused by the OLED screen.

There is no immediate solution to fix this issue but to have it replaced. If you have concerns, you can contact Apple via this link.

This article was first published on November 14, 2017