Mosque in Czech Republic vandalized with graffiti 'Don't spread Islam otherwise we will kill you'

A Mosque in Brno city, Czech Republic has been vandalized with a threatening message against Muslims

A Mosque in Czech Republic's Brno city has been vandalized with derogatory and provocative messages threatening to kill Muslims in the country if they spread Islam. The inscription sprayed on the Mosque in green paint reads ''Don't spread Islam in the Czech Republic! Otherwise, we'll kill you.''

Police on the lookout

The police has taken the matter seriously and are on the lookout for vandals. Local police spokesman Bohumil Malasek told AFP that the investigation has begun and they're closely watching the CCTV footage around the Mosque and its nearby surroundings. "We have been investigating the case since Friday afternoon as damage to property for now.''

The head of Czech Muslim Community calls it a serious threat

Czech Republic Brno Mosque Vandalized
Twitter / The Nawaz Ali

Aftermath of the vandalism, Muslims in Brno got together condemning the attacks on their Mosque and the head of Czech Muslim Communities Centre, Muneeb Hassan Alrawi, said in a statement that the graffiti is a serious and direct threat which should not be taken lightly. Also, this is the only Mosque in the whole city of Brno.

"We take it seriously as a direct threat, it's not an anonymous call on the internet. We must also see this in the light of attacks on Mosques in the world and of the oppressive sentiment and atmosphere in the Czech Republic," he said to CTK news agency.

Population of Muslims in Czech Republic

Muslim population in the Czech Republic is minute and an official census data from 2011 shows there are around 3,358 Muslims in the country. However, unofficial estimates suggest there are around 10,000 to 20,000 Muslims residing in the country. Right-wingers claim there are a bigger number of Muslims among them and the government is hiding the findings.

Muslim surge in Europe

The Muslim migrant wave peaked in Europe from 2015 as Germany's Angela Merkel opened the doors to millions of migrants and were spread across the European Union. All of this has stoked anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe and also Czech Republic, even though it is home to only a small number of Muslim refugees. The tensions are only growing by the day and its time for the officials to clamp it down and promote harmony.