Moscow's COVID-19 doctor who met President Putin just a week ago, tests positive for Coronavirus

  • Russia president Vladimir Putin visited Komunarka hospital

  • Top Coronavirus doctor who greeted Putin in Komunarka hospital tested positive

  • President Putin met the doctor without any protective gear

A few days ago, on March 24, Russia President Vladimir Putin visited Moscow's Komunarka hospital along with the capital's Mayor where several Coronavirus patients are admitted. A week later reports revealed that the head of the hospital who met with Putin tested positive for the COVID-19 on Tuesday, March 31.

Putin went to Kommunarka hospital for an inspection while wearing a bright yellow hazmat suit, but the president was also seen talking to the head of the Moscow hospital, Denis Protsenko without any protective gear.

Putin met Coronavirus positive doctor

It should be mentioned that as per the government spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov told national news agencies that president Putin took regular Coronavirus tests. He assured that there is no reason to worry about his health as the Russian leader's health looks fine.

The Coronavirus positive doctor Protsenko said that even though he tested positive recently, he "felt quite well." The doctor posted a picture of himself while wearing a mask and green scrubs on social media platform Facebook. In the post, he mentioned that he is currently self-isolated in his office and would continue to work.

The translated version of the post says:

Dear friends, very touched by your concern. Yes I have a positive test test but feeling pretty good. I was in my office with all the conditions for remote work, management and medical advice.
I think the immunity developed for this month is doing its thing...
Stay tuned

The head of Komunarka hospital became a high-profile figure on the frontline of Russia's fight against deadly Coronavirus. He has been posting updates on Facebook to inform the fellow compatriots about the hospital's work and the conditions of the patients in Russia.

Russia battling Coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits hospital
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits hospital Twitter Grab/ @Brasco_Aad

As of now, Russia has reported 17 deaths and 2,337 Coronavirus infection cases in the country. Most of these cases have been registered in the Russian capital, which has become the epicentre of the outbreak in the country.

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, Kremlin has started measuring temperatures of people attending events with the president. The authorities have been asking journalists to be at home if they feel unwell. Earlier, The Moscow mayor told President Putin that the COVID-19 cases in the capital might be far more than the official figures that are being recorded.

It should be mentioned that Russia is also on its way to building a hospital exclusively for Coronavirus patients if the situation goes out of control. Previous reports mentioned that 40 percent of the hospital work has finished within a span of 12 days. The construction work involves several workers who are working round the clock to finish the hospital construction as the number of Coronavirus patients increases in Russia. The 861,113 square feet hospital complex is set to allow patients from April where more than 600 beds will be available.

Russian authorities have been using the facial recognition technology which was introduced before the pandemic hit the country. Thousands of Moscow residents are confined to their homes for the 14-day compulsory quarantine.

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