Moscow sets up face recognition to maintain coronavirus quarantine but citizens unaware of it

Moscow has deployed facial recognition and ordered raids to quarantine any spread of the virus, citizens continue to say that they were unaware of the issue in twitter messages

The Mayor of Moscow said through his website that they are using facial recognition to ensure that people who are under quarantine in their houses or hotels are adhering to steps not to further spread the new coronavirus.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Friday that as of February 21, around 2,500 people are placed under quarantine for two weeks. People who are arriving from China are being placed under mandatory quarantine for two weeks following their arrival to their place of residence.

Russia has also temporarily barred Chinese nationals from entering the country. But the Russians who are returning home from China have to undergo quarantine in their homes even if they don't have any signs of the Covid-19.

Wuhan Coronavirus
Twitter / Ed Leon Klinger

Compliance with the regime

According to the Mayor's website, compliance with the regime will constantly be monitored with facial recognition. Other technical measures will also be used to ensure that the quarantine is not broken by the public.

The mayor also said that the law enforcement officials and the medical officers were conducting raids and other measures in hotels and other places to ensure that there is no further spread of the virus. The mayor emphasized on his website that it might be unpleasant but necessary to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Although Russia has banned travel between the two countries, there are few flights flying to and fro between Russia and China. So far, three Russian nationals who were in the Diamond Princess were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Several countries have taken measures similar to Russia's to ensure that the people are safe from the outbreak.

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