The Moscatel's are The Latest Cover of QP Magazine


Yet another magazine cover for one of the most powerful couples in Los Angeles, Cole and Kelsea Moscatel are on the latest cover of QP Magazine. Their absolutely stunning Guess inspired looks have everyone buzzing about how these two can pull off every style they try out.

The cover photo is Cole and Kelsea standing in a garage dressed in all denim looking like a million bucks. The magazine interviewed Cole and Kelsea all about their lives and on how they achieved everything they have so far today. Specially, the interview gives insight from the Moscatel's on how they fell into the niche of luxury lifestyle.

Cole and Kelsea gave a powerful interview and explained their journey on how they got to where they are today, what they are currently working on and a few hints as to what's coming up next! Cole and Kelsea have had an unbelievable year of success in many different ventures.

Everything from landing multiple covers in high-fashion magazines, interviews with business magazines like Forbes and starting their very own reality show The Moscatel's. Cole and Kelsea absolutely killed this magazine cover and really gave readers a strong interview that will be sure to leave them inspired.