More Trouble for Hunter Biden; Inner Circle Fears Another Laptop With Destructive Content Might Surface

With the saga of Hunter Biden's scandalous laptop still making rounds in the media, people close to US President Joe Biden's son suspect "there is another laptop". Hunter had told CBS Sunday Morning in an interview in 2021 that the laptop could be his, but he does not know for sure.

The Probability Game

He said he doesn't know for real where it is and really doesn't know what the answer is. Biden emphasized that it was a truthful answer. When he was asked about the laptop again, he replied that he doesn't have any idea. After being pressed more, the US President's son said there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from him, and it could be that it was hacked, and it could be that it was Russian intelligence.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden is once again in the media limelight. NBC

A contributing editor for New York Magazine, Andrew Rice asserted on CNN, in an appearance on Monday, that if you accept the fact that Hunter Biden was a person who was addicted to drugs, alcohol, other substances, and who was going on a sort of journey of self-destruction, it's fully plausible to think that he might have misplaced an object and not necessarily know what happened to it.

A Second Laptop May Be Out There

Rice revealed that Hunter's inner circle have propagated the idea that perhaps, there is a second laptop out there. The journalist said it goes back to the general point that Hunter Biden was capable of losing more than one laptop that potentially contained devastating information about himself in this time period in his life.

The Bidens
Hunter Biden, on the left, finds himself in the middle of the scandalous laptop FBI probe. AP

John Paul Mac Issac, a Delaware computer repair shop owner, said he came into possession of Hunter Biden's laptop after he had dropped it off for repairs in April 2019, but never returned to pick it up.

In October 2020, the New York Post published a series of articles after it received a laptop hard drive belonging to Hunter from Rudy Giuliani who was a lawyer for former US President Donald Trump. He claimed he got the hard drive from Issac's repair shop. Issac said he had also given a copy of the same to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The year 2022 saw extensive reporting about the scandalous laptop which had been dismissed by mainstream print and television outlets as unreliable and even Russian disinformation. Moreover, Twitter and Facebook blocked or limited sharing of the New York Post's article about Biden. The former even locked the New York Post out of its account for weeks.