More Evidence of BLM Money Abuse Emerges; Patrisse Cullors Pays Brother Paul $840,000 in Dubious Deal

The first time ever public accounting of the finances shared by BLM has given an insight into the "misused donations" thus bringing the organization's role under scanner.

The revelation has flooded the social media platforms with questions, doubts and backlash over the corrupt practices of the office bearers at BLM.

Most importantly, a faction of followers belonging to the black community have expressed shock and disgust over the reports pointing towards the misuse of the funds donated by people in good faith.

Paul Cullors and Patrisse Cullors

BLM stands for Buy Large Mansions; Social Media Chatter

Right from spending more than $12 million for buying luxury properties in Los Angeles and Toronto, including $6.3 million which was a part of $8M "out of country grant" a 10,000-square-foot property was purchased in Canada.

In addition, Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, paid her brother Paul Cullors, a graffiti artist, a whopping amount of $840,000 for security services for the charity.

According to a report published by the New York Post, Paul Cullors founded a security company under the name of Cullors Protection LLC in July 2020 and was paid the cash for providing professional services.

Also, Cullors purchased a $637,006 mansion in suburbs of Los Angeles in December 2020.

Another report published by Western Standards stated that BLM leaders justified the amount paid to Cullors Protection LLC on the pretext of experienced professionals hired by the company. The leaders also took the plea that their movement is associated with aggressive protests against law enforcement organizations, hence the organization needs to hire former investigators and retired police officials.

Two state attorney generals have started probes into BLM finances taking into consideration the controversies following the organization, the report stated further.

The social media followers have also stated that BLM was founded with an aim to fight for the rights of the black community, to educate and support them and save them from police atrocities, bullying, suppression.

A Twitter user while replying to @davehf10 @UnionBears_07 and @RangersFC stated, "I don't agree with "taking a knee" in regards to blm, as that is a fraudulent organization, it has used death for financial gain, millions of dollars unaccounted for but the leader has bought several expensive properties, others are nowhere to be found to answer questions ..."

Replying to @scrowder, another user wrote, " How can BLM be a scam? Doesn't the abbreviation stand for "Buy Large Mansions"???

"What "movement"? My dude, BLM was clearly a scam and it worked out perfectly for those at the top of it. It worked basically as a cult on fast forward, only the leader made the money and then quit haha," read a tweet.