More than 60% of Americans Believe Biden's Handling of Economy Hurt Them

A new poll has shown that President Joe Biden's economic report card remains dismal and his policies will drag the Democrats down in the upcoming midterm elections. According to the ABC News/Ipsos poll, most Americans view the administration has failed on the economic front. With inflation rising and the gas prices hitting the roof, more than 60 percent of the Americans believe Biden's economic policies have hurt them.

The report comes a day after Biden acknowledged that a lot of Americans remain anxious on the economic front. The president had made the comment after the Labor Department released the jobs numbers for the month of May.

US President Joe Biden

Inflation Another Matter of Worry

Most Americans say that they have been impacted by the rise in the prices of goods and services.

However, some 37 percent so the respondents in the survey approve of Biden's handling of the economy. However, when it comes to rampaging inflation, only 28 percent approve of his handling of the situation.

As many as 83 percent of those surveyed say that the state of the economy will be high on their agenda when they cast their votes in the midterm elections. Also, some 80 percent say that inflation is also a very important campaign topic this year. According to 74 percent of the respondents, gas prices will be the key factor.

US dollar hits 7 year low
A money changer poses for the camera with a U.S dollar (R) and the amount being given when converting it into Iranian rials (L), at a currency exchange Reuters

Gas prices have already risen to record highs following the outbreak of war in Europe. The prices are twice as much as the price recorded the day when President Joe Biden took office as the President. Biden was at the forefront of world leaders who supported Ukraine during Russia's war build-up at the beginning of the year. The president also sent a massive cache of weapons to Ukraine, apart from offering hundreds of millions of dollars in financial assistance.

Approval Rating

According to the Washington Times, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $2.40 on Jan. 20, 2021, the day when Biden took office. On Friday, the national average gas price hit $4.78.

"Joe Biden's war on American energy has forced families across the country to empty their wallets to fill their tanks ... Unfortunately, Biden is doubling down on his disastrous agenda because he's not the one paying the price but the American people are," Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said.

According to Reuters, Biden's approval rating has been below 50 percent for more than six months. The agency also reported that for the straight 38th week, Americans have held on to their view that the economic prospect remained grim for the country.

On May 20, the Associated Press reported that Biden's approval rating fell to the lowest level in May. Only 39 percent of the Americans believed that the president's performance as president was good.