More than 158,000 volunteer going to help UK fight Coronavirus pandemic: Report

The pandemic has created a major havoc around the world in recent times while claiming the lives of over 18,000 people

Over 158,000 people have signed up for helping Britain's National Health Service tackle the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak a few hours after a request for a quarter of a million of volunteers, as reported by ITV.

The ministry of health andf the National Health Service has delclined to comment immediately. The death toll due to the coronavirus in the United Kingdom jumped on Tuesday by 87 to total of 422, which is the biggest daily increase since the crisis started.

Coronavirus pandemic

131 more coronavirus cases confirmed in China IANS

Britain had called for 250,000 volunteers to help the National Health Service and vulnerable people hit by the coronavirus crisis. The deadly novel virus has infected more than 400,000 people around the world and has claimed the lives of over 18,000 people.

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