More Than 1 Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Available By Early 2021, Says Expert

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times claiming the lives of over 1 million people globally

More than one coronavirus or COVID-19 vaccine is going to be available by early 2021, a top government scientific adviser has stated. Sir Jeremy Farrar, who is from the SAGE, believes that a coronavirus vaccine might get rolled out in the first quarter of next year. "I think in the first quarter of next year we will have vaccines – will have more than one vaccine," he said.

Farrar also mentioned that Christmas is going to be tough this year with it not likely the vaccine is going to get administered before the festive period but he is expecting data on them in November and December. He stated that the UK has a 'portfolio' of the probable options.

COVID-19 Vaccine Soon

Coronavirus vaccine Pixabay

"Britain has access to a number of different vaccines across a range of different approaches. Vaccines come in all different styles and approaches and Britain has got a portfolio of vaccines, through which more than one, I'm sure, will come through in the first quarter of next year," Farrar said.

The optimism of the expert is similar to that of Jonathan Van-Tam, the deputy chief medical officer of England, who stated that a mass rollout of the vaccine created by the Oxford University might happen during the turn of the year. "It isn't a totally unrealistic suggestion that we could deploy a vaccine soon after Christmas," adding that such a development would have a "significant impact on hospital admissions and deaths," he said as reported by Sunday Times.

The results of the third stage trial are expected by the end of November. Many NHS staff are going to be trained for administering the vaccine with the vaccination process probably starting soon after Christmas. On the other hand, Pfizer has manufactured thousands of doses of its vaccine at a plant in Belgium. It is hoping to produce 100 million doses available this year. The deadly virus outbreak has infected more than 39.7 million people globally and claimed the lives of over one million people globally.

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