Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: Verdict on Kim Yoo Jung's semi-nude scene is out

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds aired finale episode on October 18 at 10 p.m. KST on KBS TV.

Kim Yoo Jung Park Bo Gum
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds aired finale episode on October 18 at 10 p.m. KST on KBS TV. Facebook

The Korea Communications Standards Commission is out with its take on the controversial semi-nude scene from recently culminated drama, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. The hit drama, which stars Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung, was under the scanner for showcasing a minor changing clothes on national television.

As per reports, many viewers tagged the first episode of the period drama controversial and sent in complaints to the Korean censorship board. Apparently, the scene in question shows young actress Kim Yoo Jung undressing herself, and covering her breasts with bandage in order to impersonate herself as a boy. The fans reportedly found the scene derogatory due to the involvement of a 16-year-old, which as per broadcast standards and laws is still a minor.

Relaying its ruling over the matter, the KCSC explained: "Fundamentally speaking, it is wrong to cast a minor when there is a revealing scene or kiss scene in the script. If an adult had performed these scenes, there would be no problem at all." The censor board also asserted that it will send a recommendation-cum-guide related to adult scenes to KBS for future references.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission further stated: "The biggest problem is whether a minor can play an adult role. One might say that since the standards are ambiguous anyway, why not just let it go, but if we go easy on Kim Yoo Jung, who is 16 years and 10 months, then later on, there will be questions on whether we should let a 15-year-old do the same thing."

"We need to discuss whether we can continue to let minors play adult roles. We are worried about young adults being provocatively exposed," the official statement revealed.