Nam Joo Hyuk
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk portrayed the character of 13th Prince Baek-ah in SBS period drama, Scarlet Heart. Facebook

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is all set for the wrap-up. The period drama, which was released in August, will be airing its final episode on Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) on SBS.

Although the Chinese novel-inspired drama is a fully pre-produced series similar to tvN's Cheese in the Trap and KBS's Descendants of the Sun, many actors are nostalgic as the show comes to an end on the television sets. Reminiscing the world of Goreyo dynasty, 13th Prince Baek-ah from the royal household shared his valedictory thoughts on the show.

Nam Joo Hyuk said: "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' was a production that was made with a great director, scriptwriter, actors, staff, and everyone. Those 6-months of living as Baek Ah was real happiness."

Looking back to the shoot fun, the 22-year-old added: "There were difficulties because it was my first historical drama, but I always had fun with the brothers. Especially the scenes with all the princes. We played around a lot and became very close."

The actor also gave some insight into the pre-production scenario. Joo Hyuk revealed that he had been emotionally linked with the drama since it started airing in August, despite filming for a long time and knowing the story since long back. He said: "I missed the drama set a lot while watching the broadcast. I also became one of the viewers and shared the sorrow when I watched my brothers die one by one," the young actor added:

"It's going to be another drama that I will never forget. I hope there will be a time for us brothers to reunite soon."