Hong Jong-hyun
Actor Hong Jong-hyun portrayed the role of 3rd Prince Wang Yo in recently culminated drama, Scarlet Heart. Facebook

The third prince of the Goryeo dynasty has opened up about his weight loss issues. Actor Hong Jong-hyun, who portrayed the character of Prince Wang Yo, revealed that he exclusively lost weight to showcase the unending hardships of his character.

"I thought that [Prince Yo] would lose some weight because of all the hardships up to his death, " the 26-year-old said. However, the actor added that the weight loss was extreme, and kept on losing more despite of the character's demand: "I lost more [weight] than I thought I would. I made sure I ate well, but I couldn't exercise and my days were irregular, so I lost a lot of weight." Jong Hyun told Allkpop.

He further added: "I lost more weight than I intended. I lost almost 7 kg ... I started off as 73 kg but fell to about 67 kg... I lost a lot of weight, but I also was unable to exercise, so I lost my muscles on top of that."

In addition, the actor also gave some insight into his exotic get-up. The Her Lovely Heels actor disclosed that he went on to put a lot of make-up and jewelery on the advice of the director: "The director first suggested my eye makeup. He said he wanted something special to only Prince Yo and explained that during that period, makeup and accessories were prevalent."

For the glittering jewelery he wore, the actor added: " In regards to accessories, I was told that he was a character who in the early set-up had a lot of interest in his appearance and dressing himself up, so I conversed a lot with a jewelry designer, stating stuff like, 'I would like for it to be more gold-colored.' I even put on items that gave off a couple feeling with my mom," he said.