Moon is just three kilometers away from the earth, claims conspiracy theorist

4g on moon
"Supermoon" appears in the sky over Cairo, Egypt, on Jan. 31, 2018. (Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS) Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS

Allan Neilson, popular conspiracy theorist and flat-earther has revealed that he has actually found the real distance between earth and the moon. According to Neilson, the moon is just three kilometers away from earth, a distance which a human ca reach within 30 minutes of walk. As per modern science, earth's natural satellite is located more than 384,400 km away from its surface.

To substantiate his claims, Allan Neilson apparently conducted an experiment with a Nikon P900 camera. He zoomed all the way into the moon and clearly noticed the craters on its surface. Later, he used the exact same camera and zoomed into a windmill and the results were same.

Neilson believes that the visibility of moon through a normal digital camera indicates its closeness to us.

"Can anybody explain to me how it can be the moon seems so close to our eyes? Because this is not what we've been taught in school. We have been lied to. There is no way the moon sits out in deep space. It is quite close to us. I cannot say how close but it's really close. Do your own research, but we have been lied to," said Allan Neilson in the video.

However, skeptics are not so convinced about the claims made by Neilson. According to these people, a normal commercial jet often flies at an altitude of more than 35,000 feet (6.5 miles) from the surface of earth. If Neilson's theory is right, then the presence of moon in our upper atmosphere could have disrupted many airplanes from travelling across the skies.

In last December, another YouTube conspiracy theorist named RitchefromBoston had shared a similar video. In the video, the conspiracy theorist revealed that the moon is just 4.7 miles away from our planet. He added that space agencies like NASA are lying about the entire origin of human race.

This article was first published on May 24, 2018