Monalisa after Bigg Boss 10 eviction: I wish Vikrant had not felt insecure

Monalisa says speculations about her friendship with Manu used to bother her.

Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajpoot on Bigg Boss 10 Facebook/biggboss

After getting eliminated from the popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss 10, Bhojpuri actress Monalisa spoke about her close friendship with fellow contestant Manu Punjabi for the first time.

In the initial weeks of the show, the close bonding between Mona and Manu became the talk of the town and many eyebrows were being raised over it. Many people thought that she was using the "love card" to survive in the game as both of them used to spend a lot of time together.

Mona told the Indian Forums: "Everything was very sorted between me and Manu as we both knew about each other's fiancée." She added: "It was just a simple friendship and if she would have been a guy these questions would not have been raised, she added.

Monalisa also spoke about her husband Vikrant Singh Rajput. Although she is happily married now, she said that it would have been better if Vikrant would not have got insecure regarding her. Mona said "it hurts more".

Vikrant, Mona's then boyfriend, made it very clear on national television when he was invited to the Bigg Boss house for a task that he had an issue with Mona and Manu's closeness. In an interview with The Indian Express, Vikrant had said that their marriage on the show is a way to silence the rumours about Mona and Manu's bond.

"I wish Vikrant had not felt insecure. I am an actor and I go for month-long shoots to outdoor locations. There also, I hang around with my co-stars. But I wasn't questioned then. So, I do feel Vikrant must have had thought about from this perspective but because the episode is only of 45 minutes, he got a misunderstanding. Had he been inside the house, he would have never felt this," Mona told The Indian Express.

Mona also added that speculations about her friendship with Manu, who also has a girlfriend, used to bother her a lot. "It used to bother me a lot because Manu and I have a genuine friendship. We both knew what we share so, what people used to speculate never made sense to me."