'Momentum' Trends as President Trump's Unsteady Walk at West Point Ramp Triggers Health Concern

The President was also seen having difficulty in using the right hand to drink water from a glass at the West Point event.

The word 'Momentum' ruled the world of memes after President Donald Trump used it to quash widely circulating rumors about his ill health. He used the word while saying that he ran the 'final ten feet' down the ramp to the level ground after attending an event at the West Point military academy.

Trump tweeted: "The ramp that I descended after my West Point Commencement speech was very long & steep, had no handrail and, most importantly, was very slippery. The last thing I was going to do is 'fall' for the Fake News to have fun with. Final ten feet I ran down to level ground. Momentum!"

Donald Trump

The rumors surfaced after Trump was seen having difficulty in using the right hand to drink water from a glass and also walked unsteadily on the makeshift ramp erected at the event.

The latest theory of the US President being unwell comes days after he was unable to stand still during a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Onlookers also claimed that Trump had difficulty lifting a wreath with his right arm.

Odd Style of Lifting Glass, Unsteady Walk, Slurred Words

A viral clip from the ceremony shows Trump struggling to lift a glass of water using his right hand and bringing it to his lips. He then lifts his left hand to support the glass from below and guide it to his lips.

This is not for the first time that the US President has used this unique method of drinking water. In 2017, while delivering his national security strategy in front of military service members in Washington, Trump used both his hands to drink water from a glass. During a trade deal with Japan, Trump was spotted again using both hands to drink water from a bottle.

The other clip that went viral from the ceremony was when Trump walked unsteadily on the ramp at the venue. He was seen walking really slow as he came down the ramp. According to the Daily News, the President also had difficulty in pronouncing the name of iconic World War II Gen Douglas McArthur, which he mispronounced repeatedly with a slur.

Is Trump Suffering From Some Neurological Condition?

Soon after the clips from the ceremony went viral, netizens including some medical experts jumped the gun questioning the medical fitness of Trump.

Suggesting that Trump's symptoms are a sign of a neurological condition, Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, tweeted: "This is a persistent neurological sign that, combined with others, would be concerning enough to require a brain scan." Lee is the same psychiatrist who had earlier led mental health experts to question Trump's fitness to lead.

Jon Cooper, a top fundraiser for Joe Biden, suspected that the White House is hiding something regarding Trump's health. "Recent videos make it clear that there is something medically wrong with Trump. The way he walks, how he holds a glass of water, his slurred words, his lapses in thought. What is the White House hiding?' he tweeted.

In a tweet, Democratic Coalition wrote: "What is the White House hiding? Why was Trump rushed to Walter Reed last November? Since Team Trump seems to want to make an issue of Biden's age and agility, the press must follow up and demand answers regarding the president."

Trump Quashes Rumors About His Health

Trump, who turns 74 on Sunday, rubbished the health scare in a tweet.

donald trump tweet

However, despite his explanatory tweet, users did not budge from raising doubts. Twitter was trending with #TrumpIsNotWell and #TrumpStroke as users of the microblogging site shared their views on Trump's health.

"Mr. President, thank you for now ensuring that tens of millions more Americans will see the videos of you unsteadily walking on the ramp and lifting a glass of water with two hands, and will wonder what they don't know about your physical and mental condition," wrote a user.

"Multiple videos show: 1) the ramp was not steep, 2) he walked very slowly and very cautiously down it like a toddler still learning to navigate stairs, 3) he did not "run down the last 10 feet to ground level," 4) he is easily triggered over every damn thing," tweeted another.