Momar Sakanoko french basketball star new book, "The power of belief." went Amazon bestseller first week of

Ex Basketball player on a mission to change other life's

Momar Sakanoko

Momar Sakanoko is a former basketball player from Paris, France. He completed a successful career and founded a great company. Momar has always been one of the best prospects coming out of his country and had a bright future playing basketball. Yet, Momar decided to take a different path by creating a great company.

Basketball star turned entrepreneur Momar Sakanoko has established a company to help talented and aspiring young entrepreneurs around the world reach new heights. Be Great Company was established to help other innovative professionals (such as Momar himself) improve their careers in unique ways.

Recently, Momar wrote a new book, "The power of belief", that addresses the problems of young entrepreneurs. Nowadays, everyone is suffering from psychological problems. In this book, he gave a road map to be successful.

He stressed that it is very important for people to change their lives and believe that they can change it. Feeling successful is an important factor in a successful job. Plus, trusting your abilities is the key to making changes, and success starts here. Entrepreneurs and athletes must believe in themselves and their business philosophy.

For a variety of reasons, you may be unsure of your job. Your boss's expectations may be too high, or your job/department may need skills you don't have. Maybe you have a new boss, you feel threatened by a coworker, or your work environment has changed; you are your harshest critic.

These factors and many others can affect self-efficacy and make you feel unable to work or lack qualifications. Unluckily, at some point in our career, most of us lacked confidence. The fact is that no one is confident. For some reason, in the corporate world, when we make mistakes or perform well at work, we lose trust and grow over time.

But the decisions we make every day, how we respond to criticism, and our ability to gain experience and knowledge can make a difference between confidence and anxiety in the workplace. You can improve workplace confidence by applying the tips in Momar's book.