Mom of Two Michigan Black Boys Who Died in House Fire after Fire Fighters Left Them Behind and Lied in Their Reports Demands Probe

The Michigan State Police has been urged to launch a new investigation to look into the death of two Black boys in a house fire in Flint, Genesee County.

The incident surrounds 12-year-old Zyaire Mitchell and 9-year-old Lamar Mitchell who died in the house fire in May after two fire fighters missed them out and later lied about it in their reports.

The local fire department chief believes there should be a state police investigation because it involves the City of Flint Fire Department. This case is also getting a racial twist as the two fire fighters in question are White.

house fire

The Incident

Sergeant Daniel Sniegocki and Michael Zlotek were assigned to search the room in which the children had been sleeping in on the second floor of a home on Pulaski Street. But the two fire fighters gave an all-clear for the rooms in which the children still lay.

Another team of fire fighters looking to vent the room, six minutes later, found the boys and rushed them to safety. However, the children died days later. Sniegocki and Zlotek reported to the chief that they had aptly scouted the room but an investigation established that their statement was a lie. However, the two fire fighters were neither fired nor criminally charged and this sparked outrage in the community.

Fire Fighters

There also were allegations of a cover-up by Mayor Sheldon Neeley's administration.

Calls for Justice

Backed by supporters, the boys' mother Crystal Cooper is demanding justice. "Nothing's going to make me feel better but at least getting justice for my children can be a start," she said.

With Robert Kenner Jr. And Todd Flood on their legal team, they want to amend an initial lawsuit on the case and have hired experts in house fires to help them with the case. Flood said every doctor and every medical expert that he has spoken with say that a minute can mean the difference between life and death with smoke inhalation.

Calls are also getting louder for Mayor Neeley's investigation. Shantel Clemons, the boys' aunt, believes if the mayor covered it up, he no longer should be able to serve the public. "This is bigger than a campaign or election, we are the people; you are here to serve the people."