Moldova Next? Wider War in Europe Feared as Lukashenko Gives Away 'Next Target' of Russia and Putin

After Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Belarus President has suggested that Moldova could be the next target of Moscow. President Alexander Lukashenko addressed his security council standing in front of a map, which showed Russian lines of attack in Ukraine and targets in Moldova's breakaway region, a concerning development for Moldova and the West as avalanches of sanctions against Russia could not stop Putin from ending this war.

Lukashenko, the Belarussian dictator who is close to Putin, standing in front of a battle map, suggested a planned invasion of Moldova, along with Ukraine. Belarus has supported Russia in its current invasion of Ukraine and it also faced measures by the EU for its support to Putin.

Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko Twitter

What's The Plan?

The map shows some of Putin's troops' line of attack which has already taken place. It also shows the future plans of the troops including an incursion into Moldova, which is a former Soviet country and Ukraine's neighbor.

The map suggested that Russian troops will start their incursion into Moldova from the port city of Odessa.

Moldova - Very Risky Zone

One of the top leaders of Moldova believes that his country lies in a very risky zone, especially in the current scenario of the war.

Moldova's Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu admitted on Tuesday that his country is in a "very risky zone".

Moldova's Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu
Moldova's Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu Twitter

The minister also informed that the people of his country feel "anxiety and fear" following Russia's Ukraine invasion, reported Daily Mirror.

Meanwhile, Britain has also raised the possibility that Russia's aggression and war in Ukraine pose a massive threat to some countries.

Liz Truss, British Foreign Secretary, said last week that if Russia is not stpoped now other countries may face threats. "If we do not stop Putin in Ukraine we are going to see others under threat – the Baltics, Poland, Moldova, and it could end up in a conflict with Nato."

Challenge, Handling Influx of Refugees

But Deputy Prime Minister Popescu also said that he does not expect to be invaded. Popescu conveyed that the biggest challenge he sees is handling an influx of refugees.

Refugee in Ukraine
More than 500,000 refugees have now fled from Ukraine into neighbouring countries. UNHCR

Nearly 36,400 refugees have fled to Moldova already and more are expected as the conflict rages on.

Belarus, a Key Location for Russia's Invasion

Russia has been using Belarus as a key location to host its soldiers to enter into countries including Ukraine.

This week reports also emerged that Belarus was gearing up to send its troops to support Putin's military invasion.

russian tank
Representative image Twitter

But Belarus' state news agency reported that so far none of the country's military units had yet moved into Ukraine. However, it also maintained that units could be mobilized in two to three days if needed.

The Pentagon also said that so far it has not seen any sign of Belarussian troops in the Ukraine war.