Mohd Zaki Firenetinfotech founder is back with a foundation to help kids

Mohd. Zaki

Firenetinfotech founder and managing director, Mohd. Zaki is back with his latest venture, Zanamfoundation. The Ghaziabad-based entrepreneur has started a foundation to help the kids. It comes less than four years after his first firm, Firenetinfotech.

Zaki established Zanamfoundation in collaboration with some of his friends. According to one of our sources, the new NGO is the space for kids, and there are no conditions for them. In other words, they are provided with shelter, food, clothes, and all other necessary needs.

Zaki and his associates are planning to create an online community, which can significantly help this purpose. In the future, they are also proposing nutrition specialists for the kids to grow disease-free and healthy.

Other existing firms

Zaki is interested in multiple businesses, and hence, he invested in numerous other projects apart from Firenetinfotech and Zanamfoundation. One of the recent startups is Brandingglory, a digital marketing agency that helps new companies make a solid online presence. Then, he owns two online media houses, including the ghaziabadtimes and asiantimesnow.

Zaki's first venture, Firenetinfotech, was started in December 2019. Initially, none of the investors were interested in funding this startup. But, things changed in 2020, and the established received the required amount of funds. Since then, this firm has been focused on robotics, artificial intelligence, enterprise mobility, and application development.

Due to increased competition, Zaki has to change multiple strategies while promoting Firenetinfotech. And it's the primary reason the firm is successfully dealing with lots of national and international clients. Whether we talk about AI, robots, mobility, or development, Zaki and his team invest a great deal of time and energy to uncover new consciousness.

Personal life

Mohd Zaki finished his studies at KDB public school, Ghaziabad. Right now, he is pursuing B.Tech. When many youngsters are unable to decide their carrier path or interests, Zaki was ready with a full-proof business plan. He visited multiple states in Asia, Europe, and the USA to understand the role and importance of AI, robotics, and mobility.

Zaki is not a very experienced person, but he efficiently supervises programs or projects and deals with them in his way. He plans to enter into the distribution of servers and other similar components related to the data center. In addition, he is also proposing a plant that can manufacture high-tech drones.

Success Rules by Zaki

Every success story has a rulebook—a list of do's and don'ts, which keeps you disciplined and focused. Every morning Zaki wakes up with single thought in his mind, how can he push his business more in the next 24 hours? Being an entrepreneur is challenging. But, if you utilize your time, live a disciplined life, and focus on your goals, then nothing is impossible.

  • No one is born great. Do not feel that you are not good enough to deserve or achieve something.
  • Do not think about the working hours: Most of the time, we hear that hard work is the only key to be a champion to be successful, which is accurate up to some extent. But, you have to know when to end the day.
  • No need to be excellent at everything. The master of all trades, jack of none – individuals with such nature might not be able to succeed.
  • Don't fit into reality. Dream high and upgrade your lifestyle.