Mohamed Magdy Soliman's Rise to the Top of League of Legends

Mohamed Magdy Soliman

Avid gamers rank League of Legends very highly among multiplayer online battle arena games. From realistic graphics to thrilling storylines, this game doesn't cease to surprise gamers with its twists. Riot Games, the League of Legends developer,continually updates the game to keep pace with the latest background score and graphics. But what truly grips the gamers is the multiplayer online concept.

Egypt conducts various tournaments based on League of Legends to test different players' skills. Mohamed Magdy Soliman,a member of Anubis Gaming, has emerged as one of the best LoL gamers recently. Known as Rated by his fellow gamers, Magdy is now a crucial pillar in his team. Let's look at how League of Legends tournaments in Egypt take place before exploring Rated's achievements.

Every team must pre-register before the tournament begins. Teams should keep tabs on the registration dates to secure a spot in the participants' final list. Pre-qualifiers start soon after the registration ends. This enables the top teams to participate in the tournament. Sixteen teams qualify from the pre-qualifiers to go head-to-head in the final round of the tournament.

Every tournament comes with significant prize money. Magdy has already established himself as a core team player to win tournaments for Anubis Gaming.

The Rise of Rated

It's not often that you come across a player who almost singlehandedly wins LoL tournaments. But Rated is a high-impact player who can dominate an entire early game or lead his team to a comeback even during the most challenging circumstances. He is one the most critical pieces in the puzzle that makes for a perfect gaming team.

Anubis Gaming managed to win the Intel Arabian Cup for the first time because of the Rated's stellar performance. Making it to the final 16 is a proud moment for many teams. But Magdy wasn't happy to become another participant in the tournament. He wanted to win it all for his team.

This zeal enabled him to play at his best in the Intel Arabian Cup. Anubis Gaming had to overcome severe challenges from opponents in the final round, but Rated stood out from the rest. Twenty-two thousand viewers were watching the tournament live across North Africa and the Middle East. Some of the gamers later said that Magdy went into a trance at one stage, beating one opponent after another. It was his concentration and knowledge of the game that helped win the favorites.

Rated on winning the Intel Arabian Cup

It's a proud moment for Anubis Gaming to emerge as the winners of the Intel Arabian Cup. When asked about how he felt after helping his team win its first major trophy, Rated said, "The team means everything to me. Every player plays an individual role to play. I just played my part. The rest of the credit goes to the other players. It's a team game, and winning the tournament gives us belief that we are ready for bigger challenges."

Gaming skills aside, his answer proves how humble Rated is even after winning one of the biggest LoL tournaments. Professional gamers should pick a leaf from Rated's win and analyze how they can improve their game, win when it matters most, and stay humble at the same time.