From Modeling to Writing to Acting: Naomi Ekindi Is a Multi-talented Star

Naomi Ekindi

Every now and then, we come across such multi-talented individuals who are good at the things they put their minds to, leaving everyone awestruck with their creativity, talent, and prowess. One such individual is the young French model, writer, and actor, Naomi Ekindi a woman possessing multiple talents.

From the get-go, Naomi had the pleasure of working with one of the biggest names in high-end fashion, Dior, which elevated her name to the world's supermodel ranks. Within only a year, Naomi has been featured in many Dior shows, and campaigns was adopted by the fashion house, and is referred to as "Dior Baby."

For Naomi, modeling is not about walking the ramp and making money; it is a pathway to achieve more meaningful goals while impacting society. Modeling provides a platform through which one can inspire and encourage others, and Naomi realizes her responsibility as a public figure and is striving to fulfill that to the best of her ability.

Besides being a model, Naomi is also a writer, actor, and director. She connects with the audience through her words and movies, empowering them to achieve greatness just like she has. Naomi always struggled to fit in with the vast majority because there was a lack of colored queer women representatives in the world of fashion. Now that she has found her place and home, she wants to become a voice for minorities and encourage others to discover their path.

In addition to her role as a model, Naomi is also a short film director, dreaming of telling untold tales about society to the audience. So far, she has written and directed two short films, "In a Corner of My Mind" and "Her Last Tears." Both films tackle emotionally stimulating sensitive topics, giving an insight into Naomi's creative talents and storytelling ability.

Whether modeling, acting, or writing, Naomi has three goals: to move the audience, uplift her communities, and inspire the youth to reach the unreachable. She aims to become someone people look up to and see as a role model. Her thousands of followers often tell her "how relieving it was for them to see someone like them doing big things." In the future, she wishes to influence more people through her art, helping them in their respective journeys.

The future looks promising for Naomi Ekindi, and we can't wait to see more of her talent and creativity.