Model Malyk Santíago Recalls Traveling the World is 'Nerve-Wracking' due to Fame And World Changes

Malyk Santíago

Malyk Santíago is a remarkable American model, social media influencer, and travel blogger in Los Angeles. He sailed his way to success with all his dedication, hard work, diligence, and talent. Born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Colorado, Malyk has been working since 15; at 18, he left Colorado and headed back to LA to advance his modeling career further.

Throughout the two years of changes that the world had garnered when the COVID-19 catastrophe began causing complications within the entire nation such as restrictions on traveling to other states and society, inflicting riot wars in the middle of streets of cities causing hectic wreckage to store buildings, cars, etc, however, with both situations being somewhat laid back and controlled, restrictions have been made tolerant for those who travel. American model and Internet personality Malyk Santíago has gracefully been one of the few fortunate people to travel to London, the UK, for brand shoots and other work projects.

Malyk is famously known for sharing his touring experiences in different countries for fans to see on via Instagram stories and on other social platforms. When asked about his dedication to sharing his life with his fans, the model answers, "I love my fans very much, and I wouldn't be Malyk Santíago today if it weren't for them accepting me and allowing me to be great. I embarked from becoming a viral trend online for my distinctive pictures on Instagram to making relations with talented people in the industry to gradually maneuvering my way into the modeling world. I am still not finished. You'll be seeing more of me very soon."

With his persistent courage and devotion, American model and Internet personality Malyk Santíago has prospered everything in his profession and life. The journey has been defying, but it's not the end of the road either for Malyk to do other big things in the most immediate future. With COVID-19 still on the rise along with different new variants, when asked if he will continue traveling across the country for work, the model answers, " I will continue doing work overseas, but with these new variants and the craziness that is happening in our world with people murdering other people for no reason is nerve-wracking for me. Also, with fame, it scares me even more sometimes because I don't know what someone's intentions are nowadays. Our precious world isn't the same anymore."

On a positive note, he is an inspiration to many teens, children, and adults who want to make their debut to become successful models in the modeling industry or any other professional career. For Hardcore fans and newcomers, Malyk intends to say, " Never let someone tell you cannot do something or be something. My father always told me never to be a follower, be a leader. Follow your passion and soul. God will guide you with keys and lead you to the doors."