Model Kiara Moon Sheds Light on the Challenges and Rewards of Being a Successful Model

Kiara Moon

Catwalk is no cakewalk. Models, who often represent the glam side of life and the fun that no one else has, have their share of struggles and challenges. Hurdles and rewards are the cornerstones of every profession. And it's no different for those who choose to sashay down the fast and narrow lanes of modeling. 24-year-old Californian model Kiara Moon switched to modeling after earning a Master's degree in Business and working as an auditor-analyst. As someone with an outsider's experience, Moon has an interesting take on the trials and prizes of being a successful model.

Moon derives a lot of joy and inspiration from the people she meets in her professional circle. She says, "One of the greatest rewards of being a model is the people I get to meet. It's like getting served creativity, quirkiness, and fun on a platter. I feel so fortunate to have met and befriended some of the most interesting people in the world. As an avid learner, I enjoy the mentally stimulating and inspiring conversations I've had with various people around the world."

A model's life is a life of travel, and Moon has often seen globetrotting for assignments. "Talking about the world, I also feel blessed to get the opportunity to travel the globe. This has nurtured the wanderer inside me. Most people miss traveling because of work, but I get to travel because of it. I must say I quite enjoy this aspect of my work."

Apart from meeting new people and traveling to new places, Moon enjoys the creative aspect of her work. She says, "Creativity is not just an either-you-have-it-or-you-don't kind of a thing. It can also be the result of hard work, experimentation, and imagination. Modeling has given me the room to use and expand my imagination. I wouldn't exchange it for anything."

Talking about the challenges, Moon says, "There are some perceptions that continue to stigmatize this profession. For one, some people can quickly bracket you as a one-dimensional individual who has little interest in anything but glamming up. That's simply not true. Some of my colleagues are among the best-read people I have ever met. Others have their own creative hobbies and entrepreneurial dreams."

Young, bold, and beautiful, Kiara Moon is living her dream and dreaming up new goals on the go. Here's wishing her strength and good luck in her future pursuits.