Model and influencer Thien Thy Huynh Le aka Asian Barbie is an absolute autophile

Thien Thy Huynh Le

Humans are fond of everything that saves their time and energy. Therefore, the generality loves automobiles as they have made conveyance effortless.

But some people are highly devoted to cars, not because of solace but for them automobiles are emotion. One such autophile is Thien Thy Huynh. She is also a model and an influencer whose one image when dropped on Instagram drives the nuts of thousands.

Tina's (Thien Thy Huynh) interest in cars became her life-altering entity. She started with designing her BMW which she named Snowy and turned it into a WTCC racing car. She later built another race car GTR.

The model gained tremendous popularity when she revealed her next race car Nissan GTR Rocket Bunny Version 2 Pandem. Her enthusiasm for race cars was paving her way to incredible fame.

Asian Barbie is very unpretentious. By using her cars, she hosted multiple charity shows for the underprivileged ones. Knocking the stereotyping in 2015, Tina was also the only woman in the entire United States to own a fully built Pandem GTR.

Her personal Instagram page is replenished with some terrific modified cars that she did herself. She also has a separate page dedicated to her passion for cars which has more than 6k followers.

The model who is an autophile is also a rapper and has decent taste in music. She is also seen in the music video "Millions" and her rap single "It's lit."

Tina is an amazing cook and also loves painting the canvas. She is a mother, a businesswoman and an inspiration for every woman and all others.