Model Earns $6,000 Per Month by Coughing and Sneezing in Lingerie For Covid-19 'Fetishists'

While the whole world is trying to stay away from people who cough, sneeze and have caught a cold, thousands of men on are paying a premium price on the website to see a model cough and sneeze and are under the spell of 'Covid-19 fetish'.

Actress and sultry Page 3 model, Holly McGuire, revealed she earns close to $6,000 per month by coughing and sneezing to her followers on camera while wearing lingerie and fishnets and the kink is slowly growing in numbers on the x-rated site, she said.

Holly McGuire
Instagram grab / Holly McGuire

Holly revealed that some ask her to wear a face mask while coughing and sneezing, as they get turned on by the visuals while sending them the Covid-19 related content. The fetish is new and small she says but commented that it is here to stay.

''It's a daily thing (being asked to wear a facemask). Some like the more exotic, elegant coverings whereas others like the basic tissue style because they rip easily,'' she said to The Sun.

When asked how does she manage to sneeze to every member on the website, Holly revealed the task is hard bit she uses a pepper spray at the side of the room, which is not visible to her followers and the spray makes her to sneeze. ''It's pretty hard to sneeze on demand so I try to remember to have a pepper shaker handy for those calls.''

Holly stated once she was asked to eat ice cream through her face mask and sneeze while at it and the unusual visuals was enjoyed by her follower who returned for more.

However, Holly admitted that she felt sick of all the weird requests that came to her but said she put up with it as the money was good. She said I ''felt pretty sick afterwards'' but continued doing it as it earns up to $700 on a good day's work, which she doesn't want to miss.

Holly predicted that the fetish is popular because it's a ''taboo'' at the moment and might fizzle out after the world returns to normalcy and is making the most out of it while it lasts.