Model Desiree Schlotzhauer Talks About Her Future Plans; Has An Encouraging Message To Young Dreamers

Desiree Schlotzhauer

Desiree Schlotzhauer is a stunning model, social media influencer, and travel blogger in Los Angeles who climbed the ladder of success with her hard work, talent, and perseverance. Born in Kansas City and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Desiree has been working since 15. At 20, she left her stable job at Bank of America and headed to LA to turn her modelling dreams into a reality.

When Desiree came to LA, she struggled for more than a year to get offers that would pay her enough. Hence, she started working as a make-up artist at Beverly Hills for seven months and later worked as a freelance beautician. Due to her freelancing work at events, weddings, and functions, she connected with several models. After making good contacts, Desiree's hard work finally paid off.

As a model and social media influencer, Desiree Schlotzhauer has a busy and exciting life. She has worked with top fashion magazines and firms while also exploring different places and fields. When asked about her future plans, the model answers, "My future plans are to keep modeling while I can but also expanding my career in different areas. I am using this time to branch out and connect with people, places, and things. I am an entrepreneur and am planning to launch my own business soon. I love being able to be my own boss while also having the creative aspect as well. It's amazing that I live in a place where everyone is on the same frequency and we can learn from one another how to better ourselves every day through trial and error."

With her determination and passion, model Desiree Schlotzhauer has succeeded in her career and life. The journey has been challenging, but her zeal to do big things helped her keep going. She is an inspiration to young girls who also want to make it in the modelling industry. For such people, Desiree wants to say, "Always lead your life with truth and love. Be unapologetic about who you are. Do not change for anyone but yourself. Don't take things personally and always have an open mind and communicate what you want and be specific! This is your reality. The only person's approval you need is your own. Be grateful and spread awareness of this!"