Model with 34KK cup size reveals how hard it is to find lingerie to cover her assets

Anastasia Berthier
Instagram grab/ Anastasia Berthier

Anastasia Berthier says mother nature was generous to her by giving her 34KK breasts, something rare. But, as the Instagram model revealed, she suffers from back pain and also finds it hard to get lingerie of her size. She says she loves her assets and is not embarrassed about them, although she suffered from low self esteem during her teenage days.

She receives compliments from fans on Instagram and is one of the most sought after models on the internet. She oozes confidence as she gets a lot of attention from both men and women across the globe.

'I was a D cup when I was just 15'

Berthier revealed that she was a D cup when she was just 15 years old and felt embarrassed to step out as people kept staring. As she grew up, she learnt to be confident about her body and now flaunts it like she just doesn't care and made a modelling career out of it on Instagram.

"I haven't done any surgeries on my breast. Mother Nature was pretty generous to me. As a teenager I used to be embarrassed of my big breasts. At the age of 15 I was already a D cup. But when I grew up, I learned how to accept myself and my body and even benefit from it. There aren't many women in the world who have my natural breast size, a fit body and cute face, so why I should be not happy?''

'It's hard to find lingerie of my size'

With the massive 34KK, Anastasia revealed she finds it extremely hard to purchase lingerie of her size as not many brands cater to such larger segments. ''However, it's hard to find lingerie for my size. Some stores cater to my breast size, which is often the biggest size they have in stock, but not for all types of lingerie.''

She added: "I have to buy clothes in really big sizes then go and customise it with a tailor to fit, because I have a small waist compared to my breasts. I do have back pain if I stand or sit in the same position for too long, but daily activities are fine and it does not bother me at all to do sports with the right sports bra. And yes, I can sleep on my stomach," Anastasia summed it up to Mirror Online.