Is MocktailSwap Legitimate?


Ever since it was launched, Binance Smart Chain has been working on attracting developers, users, and projects alike. Its launch came at just the right time, as the crypto prices started to grow, the DeFi sector started to blow up, and Ethereum — usually a go-to development platform — became so overcrowded with transactions that its gas fees skyrocketed, causing users to seek out an alternative chain for developing new projects.

And, while Ethereum is working on releasing its ETH 2.0 update, its full launch is still somewhere in the future, so users can still not enjoy the full benefits of the next generation of Ethereum.

With all of this going on, BSC has been seeing a rapid amount of growth and development, and with the recent launch of a project called MocktailSwap, it also received its first equivalent of Ethereum's ERC-1155 standard semi-fungible token. But, with so much uncertainty regarding DeFi and new projects, many might be wondering if MocktailSwap and its token, MOK, are legitimate?

MocktailSwap Starts Seeing Major Amounts of Exposure

One sure way to learn whether or not a project is as good as it claims to be is to keep track of who is talking about it and who is working with it. MocktailSwap seems to have this covered quite well.

First things first — the project is already a lot more available than most other tokens of such a young age. Typically, when a token launches, it is only available on a CEX or DEX whose launchpad was used for launch, as others hesitate to list it on their platforms for a time. MocktailSwap, on the other hand, is already available for trade on MocktailSwap, PancakeSwap, and BakerySwap trading platforms.

While one of these is its own decentralized exchange, that still makes it available on no less than three DEXes in less than a month since it went live. Not only that, but the project is also listed on CoinGecko, where users can easily access it, keep track of its price and other details, and more.

The project also received an impressive amount of exposure by being featured on some of the most trusted media outlets out there, including Business Insider, CoinTelegraph, BTC Peers, and others.

It should also be noted that young projects often have to wait for some time before they can attract a strong partner, but MocktailSwap already managed to team up with another project known as GooseFinance. The partnership allows GooseFinance's EGG holders to stake their EGG tokens and earn rewards in MOK.

MOK also offers yield farming and staking on its own platform, where it claims to have the best APRs in the entire DeFi sector, with no other platform being able to match it as of yet.

Lastly, the project was also audited by a blockchain security company CertiK, which has quite a lot of experience and skill in digging up anything that is in any way suspicious. However, upon auditing it, CertiK confirmed that MocktailSwap is a legitimate and trustworthy projects, even granting it the use of its other technologies, such as CertiK Shield and CertiK Skynet. The former offers insurance against hacking for MOK token holders, while the latter provides 24/7 security scans of the project's smart contracts.

Obviously, MocktailSwap has received quite a bit of attention in the short time it has been around, and it had countless eyes on its code and functions that were inspecting it and seeking out flaws or signs of foul play. With none of them finding anything condemning, the only thing that remains is to recognize it as a legitimate project that enriches BSC's growing ecosystem and waits to be used.