Moch Akbar Azzihad M 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur who pounces on all chances that come his way

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Moch Akbar Azzihad M

Moch Akbar Azzihad M, popularly known as Abay (dailyabay), is a 24-year-old Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Designer located in Indonesia. From a young age, Abay has demonstrated a passion for business and online prospects. He dropped out of school after high school, opting to pursue business apart from tertiary education. At 17, he started a company, Bygazz Racing, that deals with spare parts for racing motorcycles and cars. It also diversified with other merchandise, including T-shirts, beanies, bags, caps, and hoodies. However, what stands out about this venture is how he started the company. After high school, Abay did not have money to invest in the business. Many investors dismissed his prospects due to his inexperience in the harsh business world. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his dream to become a successful entrepreneur. He adopted his idea solely driven by wits and determination. Seven years down the line, Bygazz Racing is still afloat, enjoying more business than ever, showing just how determination and self-belief can be critical in achieving success.

However, his success can be attributed to his enthusiasm for technology, especially the internet. One year after starting Bygazz Racing, Abay co-founded DGRCRV, a creative works company specializing in ads, web design, wedding, aerial, and company profiling. The business skills earned after starting his first company were critical in achieving success in the creative works industry. The business enabled him to develop his enthusiasm for technology and the internet, driving him towards online prospects that were more lucrative.

The business enabled him to develop his enthusiasm for technology and the internet, driving him towards online prospects that were more lucrative. Abay's desire, determination, and passion led him to found Converco, a Fintech designed with block-chain technology that digitalized every transaction, can be used quickly, easily and is guaranteed security, supports high-volume micro-payment transaction, the cross-border transaction with super-low fees, and revolutionized the traditional financial industry, which Converco company is now established in several countries, Converco Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), PT. Converco Nasional Indonesia (Indonesia), Converco Philippines Inc. (Philippines). He hopes to revolutionize the banking sector by guaranteeing financial safety to all users despite one's background.

He also serves as an influencer at CoinMarketCap, the world's largest, accurate, and most trusted source of crypto market capitalizations, pricing, and information. The opportunity allowed him to gain the necessary exposure taking him to the next level in internet and online trading ventures. Today, Abay makes between $10k-$50k daily from cryptocurrency trading from starting a business with no capital.

This journey to success has not been absent of hurdles and tribulations. In 2017, Abay faced a catastrophic predicament that would have profoundly affected his finances. He was involved in mining cryptocurrencies, which allowed him to meet numerous people and make huge profits. During one transaction, some clients returned his goods, claiming that they were not what they ordered. However, they returned counterfeit goods setting him back approximately $500k. Despite the extensive financial damage, Abay picked himself up and went into entrepreneurship.

His philosophy of life pushes him to take risks, believing that it is the only way to succeed. As he says, "Do Something today, do not delay it. If you do not want to be sorry." Such is how he conducts his business—a prompt entrepreneur who pounces on all chances that come his way. Notably, his exploits would not be possible if he did not abide by his life philosophy of remaining determined and passionately conducting every action. Abay is a perfect example to other entrepreneurs demonstrating the traits that result in a successful business person. His attitude of remaining positive and open to trying new ventures has allowed him to build some of the most reputable businesses worldwide.

This article was first published on October 6, 2021