MMA Star Conor McGregor Accused of Sexual Assault Released Pending Medical Test Results

Previously, he was charged with two sexual assault cases in 2019 in Dublin. He was arrested in January 2019 but released pending further investigation

Mixed Martial Art (MMA) star and Boxer Conor McGregor was taken into custody on September 11 over allegations of sexual assault. But after questioning, he was released the next day. The boxer was made to undergo physical tests in the wake of complaint against him and is still waiting for the results of the tests. Currently, police are scouring through CCTV footage to decide if the MMA star needs to be re-arrested.

A 32-year-old woman (identity not disclosed) is said to have filed a complaint against the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) winner on September 10. This led to a raid at McGregor's £3million yacht on the French holiday island of Corsica, France the next day. But he was released on September 12 without any charges. However, the probe on the case is on.

Conor McGregor
MMA Star Conor McGregor was detained for questioning following a complaint of sexual assault by a woman in France. Instagram

The woman claimed that McGregor assaulted her and showed off his manhood in a drunken state in the upmarket port town of Calvi in Corsica on September 6. The incident is said to have occurred in a busy area where fixed cameras are situated everywhere.

McGregor surrounded by bodyguards drove on bike to the local Tramariccia Gendarmerie for questioning. According to Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Bastia prosecutor said though McGregor was released, the case has not been closed.

McGregor's Lawyer Vigorously Denies Wrongdoing

Reacting to the news, Emmanuelle Ramon, McGregor's lawyer, vigorously denied any wrongdoing by McGregor. "He has been released before the legal end of police custody and without any judicial review," Ramon's statement read.

Mc Gregor's manager too reacted to the news and said that he was warning people who were trying to take advantage of the MMA star. "Conor McGregor is not and will not be a target for those seeking to score a headline or a payday," he said, claimed reports.

During his arrest, McGregor was on his yacht in Corsica with his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, and their two children. McGregor had announced that he was retiring from fighting on June 6, 2020. The UFC champion has been in the bad books of the law as he was involved at least in five controversies.

McGregor in Previous Controversies

In 2018, McGregor assaulted fellow players inside a vehicle carrying the UFC fighters. He pleaded guilty and was punished by with community service. In 2015, after a fight against Denis Siver, McGregor tweeted, 'Kiss them feet, Nazi'. He accepted his fault and later apologized.

McGregor assaulted an older man in a Dublin bar in 2019. He later pleaded guilty and was fined £850. Not only assault but he had even threatened to kill people from Jose Aldo's city before he began his fight with Aldo in 2015. He was placed in custody following the case of stamping on the phone of a fan in Miami in 2019. He also faced two sexual assault charges in Dublin in 2019.