MMA star Angela Lee announces her engagement with fellow fighter Bruno Pucci

Angela Lee, renowned MMA star, is now engaged to featherweight fighter Bruno Pucci.

Angela Lee

Renowned MMA star Angela Lee is engaged to featherweight fighter Bruno Pucci. The 21-year-old charming lady of Korean and Singaporean descent announced this news through her Instagram account on Sunday, October 22. The couple has been dating since January 2017.

The news of Angela Lee's engagement

"The most beautiful ring I've ever laid my eyes on. I love you forever," Angela Lee captioned the image after posting the picture of her hand graced with the engagement ring on Instagram.

Soon after posting the picture of the engagement ring, it went viral, and later, she posted a couple of photos with Bruno Pucci, which were also well-received by her followers.

Angela Lee: The youngest MMA champion

Angela Lee, who now holds Canadian and American citizenship, is now best known as the youngest MMA champion after she beat Mei Yamaguchi in the 2016 ONE Championship. In her MMA career, Angela Lee still remains unbeaten with a win-loss career record of 8-0.

Her upcoming battle is with Mei Yamaguchi on November 24, in Singapore. The match is quite crucial for Yamaguchi, as it was Angela who defeated her in the final of ONE Championship in 2016.

Bruno Pucci: The dashing featherweight fighter

Bruno Pucci is Jiu-Jitsu practitioner of Brazilian origin, and he holds a black belt. The 27-year-old man won the gold medal in 2009 at the No Gi Grappling World Championship. He is currently signed with ONE Fighting Championship as a mixed martial artist.