The Miz will lose to Bray Wyatt at TLC! Here's why

The Fiend has been preying on Miz and his family, setting up their match for TLC. The result of this match can be easily guessed.

The angle involving The Miz and Bray Wyatt is getting darker and sinister. After a long time, Miz has become a face and is being shown as a persecuted soul. This is an interesting turn of events. However, there is a predictability about the rivalry between him and The Fiend that can't be ignored.

The fact is, Miz is bound to lose at TLC against Bray Wyatt. The reason is simple if one is aware of WWE logic. The development of Fiend's character as a dark, mysterious, supernatural force is still continuing. WWE need to keep building up the character more and more before they can have him lose the title. The Miz is destined to be another victim of Wyatt as the latter's character assumes greater proportions.

The Miz
The Miz is being troubled by The Fiend Twitter/WWE

The company has invested too much energy and time in making The Fiend a most intimidating character on SmackDown. A loss to The Miz would partially, if not completely undo all that effort. Besides, the suffering of The Miz has only lasted for two weeks – a very short time by WWE's calendar.

So, at TLC, we are certain to see more of what we witnessed at the last two pay-per-views. Wyatt would take a beating and receive numerous doses of his opponent's finisher. He may also endure things such as chair shots, fall of the ladder and slams through the table. But he would not sell any of those moves and get back up, as he did against Rollins.

The victorious run of Wyatt with the title belt is likely to continue all the way up to WrestleMania. The trajectory of his character development is clearly headed that way. What does remain a mystery is whether TLC would conclude the Miz-Wyatt angle or will this rivalry go on for some more weeks.

The latter is more likely but WWE can spring surprises and they may want to find another rival for the current champion. But the TLC script can be easily anticipated.