Mix Nine's potential winner Lee Soo Jin leaves show after car accident

Lee Soo Jin
Lee Soo Jin Twitter

Lee Soo Jin, one of the Fave Entertainment trainees who was competing in 'Mix Nine' has left the show after being involved in a car accident.

Fave Entertainment said in a statement, "Lee Soo Jin was in a car accident. She had an emergency surgery and is currently hospitalized. We decided she would leave the show after conferring with her, her family, her doctors, and the 'Mix Nine' staff".

According to reports, Lee Soo Jin met with the accident on December 31. She was coming back from 'Mix Nine' filming along with her fellow trainees Lee Soo Min and Kim Bo Won, who were also present in the car. The accident occurred after their van collided with the car in front.

Lee Soo Jin was rushed to hospital after the accident with Lee Soo Min and Kim Bo Won. She had to undergo an emergency surgery as she had injured her stomach seriously.

The label continued, "We took future treatments into consideration and decided she could not attend the rest of the 'Mix Nine' evaluations and practices."

However, Lee Soo Min and Kim Wo Bon were discharged after being found to have just minor injuries. Reportedly, the two will not be leaving the show after confirming with families and doctors.

Fave Entertainment added," Not only to Lee Soo Jin, Lee Soo Min, and Kim Bo Won, but we were also sincerely apologetic for causing worry to their families and fans who must have been shocked by the sudden news of the accident and to the 'MIX NINE' staff and contestants. We will put in our full support for their future treatment and recovery.

Lee Soo Jin had great potential to win the show as the most recent 'Mix Nine' ranking, revealed on January 7, placed her in the 4th position.

Fans are really sad to hear the news and have expressed their concern on Twitter.

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We wish Lee Soo Jin a quick recovery.