On a mission to building a community that celebrates life in all its colors! - Dr. KV Satish

Dr. KV Satish

Dr. KV Satish, founding Chairman and CEO of DS-MAX Properties, is a globally recognized personality for his world-class luxury apartments that cater to the urban populace of India. His brand – DS-MAX Properties Pvt Ltd, is also one of the most reliable and trusted brands, making its mark in the top metropolitan cities. What most people are unaware about this passionate, creative, and entrepreneurial CEO is that all his projects and initiatives are pioneered with a single goal - to build a community. Yes! His' and the company's actions are driven towards this very value of building a community that experiences life in all its colors.

Having accomplished the unimaginable task of constructing over 100+ apartment complexes, including skylines, and bringing joy into twenty thousand plus families in a span of just 13 years, the CEO reveals the secret to this achievement. The motivational factor behind the company's projects and social initiatives has been to build a community that cherishes life, experiences the "Joy of Living" in all aspects, and abides by the principle of humanity while thriving as a responsible citizen body. As a company and Dr. Satish as an individual have carried out their course of actions keeping this as the thumb rule and objective. We can confidently say that they have succeeded and will continue to "Share the Joy of Living" with hundreds of thousands more.

The various schemes through which the company has interacted with its customer base, shareholders, employees, and the general public has been phenomenal. Their "Gruha Sanskruthi" Program conducted annually in all of their prominent projects is a platform for both young and old residents to participate in socio-cultural activities. The event has served to bring about a sense of unity among the residents and promote a culture of togetherness irrespective of their caste or religion. Individuals who have contributed to the welfare of the residents are recognized, and it's a time of celebration. For many of the residents, this event has been a life-changing opportunity as they stepped out of their comfort zones to present their talents. Many have continued to pursue their passion as a career and have succeeded. It would be an understatement to say that it is a mere talent hunt program because even after months, the residents buzz with excitement.

Dr. Satish also uses Social Media to reach the Gen-Z and the Millenials. He is urged to create the next-gen leaders. The various initiatives launched on his social media handles have touched more than 1 lakh of young people. His ideologies on life, valuing relationships, and social responsibilities have constantly been propagated through his Social Media handles, engaging his audience through contests, giveaways, and campaigns. His recruitment drive, where the objective was to nurture a team of highly talented and passionate professionals guided and mentored by Dr. Satish himself, was a huge success.

He has always shown interest in exploring the Entertainment sector, and his passion for engaging with the artist community has been evident in the last couple of years. In pursuit of this passion, he has developed an in-house Media Production House comprised of highly talented, young, and aspiring directors who have shone in their careers. With a collective experience of 40 years, the team is destined to make a name on the international stage and the Indian film industry soon. This team mainly plays a critical role in producing DS-MAX ads, award-winning short films, and inspiring video collaterals for Mr. Satish's campaigns. The team visualizes his social initiatives and creating moving videos with social messages and inspirational content.

This trendsetting CEO is conferred with many awards and accolades for his exceptional contribution to society. To name a few of the many - VASUNDHARA NATIONAL AWARD National Level award- The Earth Award for outstanding effort in protecting the environment through initiatives like GreenHouse and eco-friendly projects. THE GREAT SON OF KARNATAKA AWARD, TOP 15 YOUNG AND TALANTON for a most successful entrepreneur in the Real Estate Industry for displaying an exceptional optimistic attitude, inevitable zeal and determination to succeed, sheer enthusiasm and talent. BHARAT GAURAV NATIONAL AWARD(Best Employer of the Year) for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation. "INDO-NEPAL SADBHAVANA AWARD" in recognition of Sterling Merit, Excellent Performance and Outstanding Contribution for the progress of the nation and worldwide. RASHTRIYA RATAN AWARD, BBMP Kempegowda Award, India 5000 Best MSME Awards for outstanding contribution in quality and excellence in the realm of customer satisfaction impact on society through service and management.

With many more initiatives to empower women, entrepreneurs, young minds, individuals driven towards social changes and other sectors of the society in the pipeline, Dr. Satish is set to bring a tsunami of societal transformation and upliftment. We will be tuned in to see this transformation and togetherness that this organization is embarked on bringing about in our nation!