Missing Utah woman update: CCTV video shows Kelly Glover walking barefoot near exit

  • Search dogs, divers and a helicopter were deployed by the police

  • The area around the hotel is said to be 'sketchy' and infested with iguanas

  • Kelly Glover is a project manager with CHG Healthcare and was in Fort Lauderdale for business

The case of the 37-year-old Utah woman who went mysteriously missing on a work trip in Florida has left everyone puzzled after a CCTV video from Westin Hotel shows her near exit stairs walking barefoot.

In the video footage, Kelly Glover is seen wearing a white shawl, with socks and no shoes heading to the exit stairs. At per the CCTV footage, there is no indication that Kelly left the hotel.

Kelly Glover, who is a project manager with CHG Healthcare was in Fort Lauderdale for business and had checked-in at Westin Hotel along with a friend.

Kelly Grover

"Her friend went to bed early [on Wednesday]," Bremer said. "My wife was still up and her friend woke up around 4 am [on Thursday], and my wife was nowhere to be found and the door was left open," Adam Bremer Kelly's husband wrote on Facebook.

"She didn't have her phone or her purse," Bremer said. "She left it in the room and that's the last we've seen of her ... We text each other every morning I get up before her. I hadn't heard from her by 9 am. I knew something was wrong, sent a few more, the second her friend called me I already knew."

missing kelly
This is the area where the police along with a dog team, divers and helicopters are looking for Kelly Glover

The Westin Hotel is located at 400 Corporate Dr near a large lake. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department officers have searched the surrounding area. Police dogs, helicopters and divers also were deployed to look for Kelly around the swampy area near the hotel, but without success.

A person who had earlier stayed at the Westin Hotel from where Kelly Glover went missing said there is a walkway near the hotel, which leads to a canal. The area is sketchy and infested with iguanas.

missing kelly

"There's a walkway behind the gym area where you can go run etc, it runs up next to the highway, and if you keep going it kind of dead ends into a canal," he wrote on Twitter. "I've gone running there before when staying and the area behind it is kind is sketchy. Also, tons of iguanas everywhere, like BIG ones."

Since Kelly had no history of sleepwalking, questions now being raised on whether she was "intoxicated" when she left the hotel room.

"This is so odd. Leaving on her own with nothing, leaving the door open, no history of sleep walking... seems like she was intoxicated in some way and just totally out of it in an unfamiliar environment. I wonder what happened.. hope she's miraculously found safe," a tweet post said.

The fact that Kelly left the hotel room without shoes has left many puzzled. "Also just to leave in socks. I would never leave the room without my shoes even if to walk around the hotel. This is such an odd case," a person tweeted.

In the meantime, a community search team will be meeting at 600 Corporate Dr. Fort Lauderdale, FL adjacent to the hotel to continue to look for Kelly.

To share any information on whereabouts of Kelly Glover call 801-647-8690 or 801-647-1218 or Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.