Missing Tokyo Olympics, Sony Launches 'Reon' Pocket AC For Sale Online at $120

Sony's portable pocket AC supposed to be launched along with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been launched now due to Coronavirus pandemic

Sony's newest wearable was supposed to be launched along with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's wearable air conditioner Reon Pocket is on sale independently right now.

Sony's wearable tech gadget will help one beat the heat by simply suspending the device on the back, right below the neck. It works anywhere, be it at home or at the offices, or somewhere waiting out during the coronavirus pandemic, BGR reported.

Sony's Reon Pocket AC
Sony's Reon Pocket AC Twitter

It helps one to freshen up and will not sweat so much.

About 23 Degree Fahrenheit

A battery-operated wearable that uses the Peltier effect and pumps out heat to keep the body within 23 degrees Fahrenheit even in the hot weather acting as an inside AC, it is smaller than a computer mouse.

The Sony Reon Pocket will remain cool to touch, even as the heat gets removed due to a small fan that vents air away from the body.

The device is customizable with an iOS and Android mobile app. There are motion and temperature sensors to detect a person's activity and mood, this enables one to use the automatic mode that adjusts the device based on changing conditions.

Two to Four Hours Battery Life

The wearable can act as a heater during winter months that raise the body temperature to around 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The small size allows it's battery to work from two to four hours, based on how it's used before it is recharged.

Last summer, it was reported that Sony would launch such a portable device. It was announced that there would be two versions of the Reon Pocket. The lite version with only manual controls, and the standard version featuring auto-bells and whistles.

Now, only one of the versions is launched and is available on the company's official online store selling at roughly $120. At Amazon's Japan site, it is more expensive at $160. The t-shirt holders cost $20.

Summer flouts itself with stroke, sunburns, and skin-related problems. Products like this are hoped to prevent such issues from happening, said Sony.

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