Missing boy from Ohio found dead in chimney of an abandoned house

This was not the outcome that the police and the family hoped for

Teenage boy who was missing in Ohio was found wedged in a chimney in unresponsive condition on Tuesday after the police entered what appeared to be a 'summer house'. Previous searches for the 14-year-old who went missing in late December seemed to have been futile. The boy was last found going to school on December 20 after which he went missing.

The coroner's office said that Harley Dilly has died of compressed asphyxia. The boy went missing after he left for school. Two days of the boy not returning from home the search intensified. On Tuesday after the body was found Police Chief Rob Hickman said that they have found the teen's body stuck in the 9 inches by 13 inches space of the chimney.

The officer told the reporters that this was not the outcome they thought of. But, he also said that this has brought closure for the family.

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The tragic discovery was made second time around

The boy was reported missing on December 21, 2019. Port Clinton Police was searching for the boy with volunteers for two weeks before they decided to search an empty house again. The family's listed home was right around the corner of the house he was found in. So far there was no report of suspicion in the house where Harley was found.

As the searchers entered the house they found the boy's jacket and glasses on the floor of the second floor of the house. There is a possibility that he dropped it through the flue while he was inside or entering the chimney. During the previous search there was no broken locks or any sign of forced entry therefore the search party didn't think that Harley was inside the house.

Harley entered through roof

Harley is said to have entered the house through the roof. When the police ran out leads to search for the boy they had returned to the house to search for the Harley. Harley's sister took to social media to say that the boy was found but not how they wanted him to be found. It is unsure as to why Harley went to that house or other details of the young boy's demise. According to reports there was no suspicious activity.