miss A member Min and G. Soul
miss A member Min is dating G. Soul Instagram

miss A member Min is dating G. Soul. Their label, JYP Entertainment has confirmed the relationship reports.

The statement read: "The two of them have relied on each other while they were preparing to debut in USA. They recently realized their feeling for each other. They stayed close even when they came back to Korea. Please look favorably on them."

The 25-year-old girl group member and the 28-year-old rapper were trainees at the entertainment label. The duo got close as they spent quality time each other as they traveled between South Korea and the US during the training days.

An insider told Ilgan Sports: "G.Soul and Min are dating. The two were very close, but everyone in the industry knows that they've moved closer to being lovers."

The insider added: "When they were in Korea, before they debuted, they relied on each other. They had the same hardships going back and forth from Korea to USA, and thought of each other as mentors. They also connect in terms of music. They're a JYP couple that matches each other well."